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Tammy Gillis is an award-winning actress and an indisputable talent powerhouse who has so far appeared in over 50 roles across a variety of acclaimed film and television projects. A chameleon of a performer, Tammy’s talent covers all genres, including drama, comedy, sci-fi, thrillers, romance, and more. Her appearances include guest-starring and recurring roles on “Motive”, “Supernatural”, “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”, “Once Upon A Time”, the award-winning HBO comedy series “Less Than Kind”, “The Arrangement”, “Ghost Wars”, “Van Helsing”, “Siren” and many more. Was becoming an actress something you wanted to pursue from a young age?

I wasn’t really aware that you could be an actor, that it was an option or actually a job. I was always performing in some capacity from a young age – making up skits and performing them, doing rope swings shows, competing in gymnastics, organ, and public speaking competitions. And then in high school, we were blessed with an English teacher, Mrs. Grimstead, who started a drama program and I was lucky to have performed in a number of school plays, which definitely ignited the spark!

You are known for your role as Deputy Marissa Staub on “Siren”. With the show coming to an end, what would you like to say to your character about the last three years?

Wow. What a question. Marissa – I’m so honored to have walked in your shoes and proud that you held up to your values of protecting the town but also your loyalty to Dale. I really wish you would have finally achieved your dream of being Sheriff.

“It takes hard work, perseverance, and a strong belief in yourself. We get rejected all the time. It’s hard to get back up sometimes. You have to be open and vulnerable with your work but have a strong armor to protect yourself.

Tammy Gillis

What are some memorable moments from the set of “Siren” you remember with joy?

We were so lucky to be part of such a special cast and crew – so many incredibly talented people. We truly became like family and most of us hang out and chat with one another on a regular basis still. There are so many amazing moments!! But some of my favorite moments are catching Ryn at the dock – such a win for Marissa! The big funeral scene, only because the majority of the cast was there and we actually had a lot of fun shooting it. And my very first day on set with Gil Birmingham, who plays Sheriff Dale – that day bonded me to him for life!

Who are some artists you would love to collaborate with on future projects?

I am open to collaborating with anyone! I love to create. I truly love what I do. I’m moving into doing some producing and during this pause, I’ve been working on doing more directing. I’d really love to work on a David Fincher project, John Wells is someone I’ve had in mind for years, David E. Kelly, Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, Jenni Kohan, the list can go on and on!

What are some movies that made you fall in love with acting growing up?

One of my all-time favorite movies in Annie. I loved Dirty Dancing. Any of the John Hughes movies. Also, remember watching a lot of Disney as a kid.

What are some things you hope to cross off your bucket list once everything goes back to normal?

I’d like to travel more. Greece has been on my list for years. Paris, the south of France. Travel. Collect more adventures and memories.

What are some causes that are dear to your heart and hope to bring awareness to in the future through your platforms?

I am a huge supporter of Women in Film and have been a member of the Vancouver Women in Film and Television group and a mentor to up and coming actresses for years now. The second project I directed was 99% female crew and cast! The past couple of months have been a huge eye-opener and I’m really thinking about how I can contribute with my voice to a variety of issues in the future. What really hit hard was Chadwick Boseman passing away recently from colon cancer. What a tremendous artist and person he was. He made such an impact on the world. My mom also passed away from colon cancer and she made such a tremendous impact on our small community. Colon cancer is such an unspoken disease. I have had to fight for every colonoscopy I’ve requested and I want to try and help raise awareness.

What is is the best advice you have gotten and from whom?

Don’t give up!!!! You will continue to work when you are 40 and work so much more!!! (that is from our queen, our mother Rena Owen from Siren!!! So much love for you Rena!!!)

What do you hope to achieve through your art?

Giving someone a laugh or a good cry. Letting someone feel. Letting someone go on a journey. Inspiring someone. I feel that entertainment is always important, it can transport you from your current circumstance to a whole new world. Entertainment has been so important during this time. It’s amazing to see that what we do really does make a difference in people’s lives.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?

That it’s easy. That anyone can do it. That it will happen overnight. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a strong belief in yourself. We get rejected all the time. It’s hard to get back up sometimes. You have to be open and vulnerable with your work but have a strong armor to protect yourself.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors who want to follow in your footsteps?

Know that it will take a lot of hard work and time. But if you love it and you believe in yourself, you CAN DO IT! If a door is closed, there is a window open somewhere!!

What type of character do you hope to portray in the future?

I’m always open to anything. I am a chameleon!!! I have been careful to constantly reinvent myself so I’m never stuck in one box or there’s never a role that someone might think I’m not right for. Give me a shot, I’ll probably surprise you.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a couple of projects that I have been developing as a producer and am working on doing more directing BUT I am so happy to share with you that I just booked a new project and will be starting to film shortly!! (hint – rom/com and I love a rom/com!!) I am so excited about this one. Stay tuned.

Photos by Gelsea Mae

Words by Violeta Nicola



13 Tricks and Treats to Throwing the Best Halloween Party Ever – Reignland

It’s almost October, and you want to host a Halloween party for adults. But where do you begin the planning process? To ensure you have a killer Halloween party, start by making a checklist. Time and finalizing a theme are the two most common places people tell me they get stuck when planning a party. Before we start the planning process, let’s share a bit about the history of Halloween. The origins of Halloween were known to exist in ancient Roman festivals where sacrifices, prayers, and food were presented to honor the dead. When the Romans occupied Celtic Britain, many of the activities were intertwined with the Celtic celebrations. Today, ancient customs have blended with modern traditions, and the reason behind today’s practices have changed to be what they are today.The Medieval Church gave Christian meanings to the traditions rather than trying to eliminate old customs. The celebration of the Roman Festival of the Dead is from February to November 1, known as All Saint’s Day or All Hallow. The term “hallows” means “holy people.” Today, the holiday is celebrated on October 31st and is known as Halloween.

Let’s plan your party! We have created a checklist to help you with time management and developing your theme. Here are 13 tricks and treats to throwing the best Halloween party ever! Happy Halloween party planning!

Start planning today. Start your list of who to invite and where to host your party.

Send out invitations. Once you start looking at invitations, it will help you to narrow down your Halloween theme.The invitations will set the foundation for the entire party.

Choose a themed cocktail. Pick a drink and give it a fun name such as Witches Brew, Vampire’s Blood, or Devil’s Punch.Don’t forget to serve it out of a black cauldron.

Make a bubbling cauldron. Purchase about one pound of dry ice and place it in the bottom of a bowl, add hot water and watch it smoke and bubble.To keep bubbling effect lasting throughout the night, place the cauldron above Sterno, make sure your cauldron is not made of something that can’t melt.

Candles. Scatter lots of votives candles around your party.Group multiple sized candles and place candelabras at gathering points to suggest where your guests should mingle, plus they create great ambiance.There are some tremendous fake candles options too.

Change out pictures. Take down pictures hung on the wall and replace them with scary photos. Place fake snakes and rats all around. Create bloody hand prints and bloody marks on mirrors using fake blood.

The ambiance. Change the lighting colors, add smoke and combine it with spooky music.Use a smoke machine and different color lights such as black lights, red, orange, and green bulbs.

Add a spooky body outline. Use masking tape to an outline of a body in a common gathering area. It will also help guests to move around the space as they look at all the décor.

Add motion censored Props. Set motion censored props somewhere that is unexpected for a little extra fright. Placing it in a dark area will help with the element of surprise.

Find some spooktacular games. Scour the internet for games to please your guests.There are many game options you could provide your guests.

Have bugs in your food. Gummy worms and bugs are easy to add on top of any dish and around the food table.

Document the night. Don’t forget to take photos of the evening.Set up a backdrop with a few props to also encourage your guests to take pictures.

Remember to dress up. What would a Halloween party be if the host was not dressed in costume?

We would love for you to tag us on your photos so we can see how it turns out.

Words by Courtney Lutkus Owner of Simply Radiant Events


jay vinci has released a hot new track called “Party in my cup” – Reignland

Jay Vinci has released an awesome rap song called “Party in My Cup”
Jay Vinci is a up and coming artist with a lot of talent and drive, At the age of 28 he has a lot of time to make his mark on this world with his amazing lyrics and voice. Born in St.Vincent and the Grenadines he immigrated to Canada at the age of 10 and has lived there ever since. like all great rap songs that express through sharing of good lyrics, this one is no different! Energy filled and heavy booming bass sets the vibe for and exciting party song such as this one. Turn it up and I guarantee you a party is going to happen. Just check it out. Be sure to listen and then please leave your feedback below. Add this awesome track to your playlist today.


Gerald Clark shares new fan favorite, “Elderflowers” – Reignland

Gerald Clark released a beautiful new track called “Elderflowers” With the acoustic guitar he has made magic happen. The lyrics for this track will touch you and captivate you for sure. I love his voice and the range he has. Fantastic. Speaking on the track, he says, “he song Elderflowers was one of those songs written in just a few minutes. On the back of an old guitar string packet. There was a huge thunderstorm coming in and we were sitting in a cottage out in the woods outside a little town called Trebic in the Czech Republic. This song captures the absolute bliss of a lover’s quest in the eye of the storm. That moment when love seems so simple.

Please check it out and please share your thoughts below.


tigerlily shares debut sultry pop track, ‘lisbon’ – Reignland

New York City-based pop artist, tigerlily is ready to debut with a new sultry pop single, ‘Lisbon’. The smooth guitar track features light and delicate vocals with relatable lyrics for anyone listening. The hook is catchy and reminds me of the early 2000’s sultry pop music. The pop artist wrote it after an ill-fated trip to Portugal to chase after a boy she fell in love with years before studying abroad in high school. This is a perfect debut for the summer.

She worked with acclaimed producers Elan Wright and Nima Skeemz, whose credits include Travis Thompson and Macklemore. Prior to debuting as a solo artist, tigerlily fronted an all-girl grunge band that was named “Seattle’s Best Underage Band” by Seattle Weekly and received support from KEXP and The Seattle Times. A proud Asian American woman, she’s passionate about advocating for greater representation of Asian Americans and other BIPOC artists in the music industry. You will keep this track on repeat and it will keep you in your feels for sure. Be sure to give your feedback below.



Gold Record releases new single, ‘Affirmations’ – Reignland

Gold Record is back with a new single titled, “Affirmations” The track has a feel good melody mixed with an island vibe in the background. The harmonies are dreamy and soft throughout the piece. They mix so many fun genres together to create nature like atmosphere for the single. It just sounds so refreshing.

About the song, the band says: “Affirmations” is a synthy bounce built on a Rav Vast steel drum. “Dance Where I Want” is an anthemic mission statement about letting go. “When You’re Feeling Tired” is a warm blanket of an 80’s piano jaunt to round out the stack.

Gold Record is the musical brainchild of Noah Clark, Ryan McKone, and Evan Michalski. Inspired to create a joint creative outlet during quarantine, the band formed in March 2020 with the intent to infuse positivity, hooks, and a strong love for one another into a tantalizing pop package. Energized by the project and free spirit of FIBI (“first idea, best idea”) collaboration, the band set off and started recording 12 EPs that will be released through 2021.

Feeling the vibe? Leave your feedback below.


Behold The Brave has released a wonderful new track called “Peaches” – Reignland

Behold the Brave has released an awesome new track called “Peaches” Chattanooga, TN based indie band, Behold The Brave, is excited. Having played with the likes of As Cities Burn, The Almost, Blues Travelers, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Behold The Brave has been a favorite at festivals and gigs across Tennessee for years. Their music has also been featured on TV shows and ad campaigns globally. This song is really good, the vocals remind me of the young bands of the 90’s. The music is really good with the guitar, drums and keyboard. The beat is easy to sing along to. Check it out and share your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist today.


Billy Edwin releases country classic, ‘New American West’ – Reignland

Billy Edwin is back with a new single titled, ‘New American West’. The track is an amazing tune with a little bit of soul mixed with a lot of classic country sounds we all know and love. I hear a bit of folk melody as well. His vocals are perfect for the storytelling lyrics he is telling. This is also the title track from the 11 songs full-length album coming soon. “I was drunk in the back of an Uber heading home from a show and the driver told me his life story. I got home and wrote a song about it.”, he explains.

What a way to make such a classic. Everyone has a story, might as well tell it. He defiantly has a niche for story telling. I can’t wait for the full project.

Get the track:


Angie Petty releases lofi dream, ‘Nowadays’ – Reignland

Angie Petty is getting you all in your feels with new single, ‘Nowadays’. The track is a lofi dream world with lush vocals and smooth jazz elements. The soul in her vocals hit your ears and feels smooth like butter. She tells such a relatable story but slaps a irrestible tone on it and makes this track which I feel is a smash across the board. It’s just so beautiful even though it can be a little sad. Who can resisit that voice?

“You know that gut feeling when you know a relationship is reaching the end? It’s the sinking feeling when he says “we need to talk.” Its the feeling of not being able to bounce back after tedious little fights. That’s what Nowadays is about: the process of a relationship ending but still coming out on top.”., she explains. In 2013, Angie began singing professionally as a performer at Lagoon Amusement Park for 4 consecutive seasons. But it was at Snow College where she honed in on her vocal skills and was exposed to classical, jazz, composition and production. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music with emphasis in Vocal Performance from Snow College last year.Go ahead and rack those listen up on her SoundCloud and while you are at it, leave your feedback below.



Nympheä released an awesome new track called “Freckles” – Reignland

Nymphea released an awesome new track called “Freckles” Although very french and based in Paris, Nympheä grew up in Key Biscayne, Florida, which has given her the insight of American pop culture mixed with the classy Parisian French touch. She fell in love with the English language when she entered junior high, and started writing poems between classes to kill time. It’s a really cute song with really grownup vibes, I really like the vocals and the great music! I can enjoy this chilling alone or hanging with friends. The lyrics are very well written. Great project. Be sure to check this out and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.