Gold Record releases new single, ‘Affirmations’ – Reignland

Gold Record is back with a new single titled, “Affirmations” The track has a feel good melody mixed with an island vibe in the background. The harmonies are dreamy and soft throughout the piece. They mix so many fun genres together to create nature like atmosphere for the single. It just sounds so refreshing.

About the song, the band says: “Affirmations” is a synthy bounce built on a Rav Vast steel drum. “Dance Where I Want” is an anthemic mission statement about letting go. “When You’re Feeling Tired” is a warm blanket of an 80’s piano jaunt to round out the stack.

Gold Record is the musical brainchild of Noah Clark, Ryan McKone, and Evan Michalski. Inspired to create a joint creative outlet during quarantine, the band formed in March 2020 with the intent to infuse positivity, hooks, and a strong love for one another into a tantalizing pop package. Energized by the project and free spirit of FIBI (“first idea, best idea”) collaboration, the band set off and started recording 12 EPs that will be released through 2021.

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