Unlocking Nostalgia: How to Get the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2


For fans of the iconic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the return of the original soundtrack in Counter-Strike 2 brings a wave of nostalgia. The special CS:GO Music Kit, containing five classic themes from the beloved FPS, is a treasured addition for those seeking to relive the sounds of their greatest gaming moments. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can unlock this exclusive music kit in Counter-Strike 2.

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Unlocking the CS:GO Music Kit:

As of the current status, the CS:GO music kit is not available for purchase in the Store, making it an exclusive item for certain players. The only way to obtain this music kit for free is by having owned CS:GO in the past. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Counter-Strike series, owning CS:GO grants you access to the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2.

Here’s how to unlock the CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2:

  1. Check Your Inventory:
    • Boot up Counter-Strike 2 and navigate to the Inventory tab from the main menu.
    • The CS:GO Music Kit will appear among the first items in your inventory.
  2. Accessing the Music Kit:
    • Click on the CS:GO Music Kit to inspect, view in loadout, equip, and add it to your favorites for better organization.
  3. Equipping the Music Kit:
    • Once equipped, the CS:GO Music Kit replaces the in-game soundtrack in Counter-Strike 2.
    • The kit includes tracks for the Main Menu, Round Start and End, Map Objective, Ten Second Warning, and Death Camera.
  4. In-Game Experience:
    • Enjoy the nostalgic tunes as you play, with the music kit enhancing your Counter-Strike 2 experience.
    • As an added feature, a special anthem plays when you are the MVP in a match.
  5. Sharing the Experience:
    • The music kit is shareable with anyone you play with, allowing you to spread the nostalgic vibes.
  6. Disabling the Music:
    • If you wish to disable the equipped music, return to your Inventory in the main menu between matches.


The CS:GO Music Kit in Counter-Strike 2 serves as a bridge between the series’ 23-year history and the contemporary gameplay of the latest installment. Unlocking this music kit not only enhances your gaming experience but also allows you to relive the memories associated with CS:GO. For those who cherish the classic sounds of the FPS genre, this exclusive music kit is a valuable addition to your Counter-Strike 2 inventory.

Source: OutlookIndia