Billy Edwin releases country classic, ‘New American West’ – Reignland

Billy Edwin is back with a new single titled, ‘New American West’. The track is an amazing tune with a little bit of soul mixed with a lot of classic country sounds we all know and love. I hear a bit of folk melody as well. His vocals are perfect for the storytelling lyrics he is telling. This is also the title track from the 11 songs full-length album coming soon. “I was drunk in the back of an Uber heading home from a show and the driver told me his life story. I got home and wrote a song about it.”, he explains.

What a way to make such a classic. Everyone has a story, might as well tell it. He defiantly has a niche for story telling. I can’t wait for the full project.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/4thCix2M3qfTKtaP3uUrln