Angie Petty releases lofi dream, ‘Nowadays’ – Reignland

Angie Petty is getting you all in your feels with new single, ‘Nowadays’. The track is a lofi dream world with lush vocals and smooth jazz elements. The soul in her vocals hit your ears and feels smooth like butter. She tells such a relatable story but slaps a irrestible tone on it and makes this track which I feel is a smash across the board. It’s just so beautiful even though it can be a little sad. Who can resisit that voice?

“You know that gut feeling when you know a relationship is reaching the end? It’s the sinking feeling when he says “we need to talk.” Its the feeling of not being able to bounce back after tedious little fights. That’s what Nowadays is about: the process of a relationship ending but still coming out on top.”., she explains. In 2013, Angie began singing professionally as a performer at Lagoon Amusement Park for 4 consecutive seasons. But it was at Snow College where she honed in on her vocal skills and was exposed to classical, jazz, composition and production. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music with emphasis in Vocal Performance from Snow College last year.Go ahead and rack those listen up on her SoundCloud and while you are at it, leave your feedback below.

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/apettymusic/