Seven Red releases rock classic ‘Lions Citizen’ – Reignland

“Citizen” was created in 2013 by David Lion in three different styles… It was later taken up in 2016 to make the first demo and in 2019 it was recorded at Café Music Studios in London. It includes a catchy chorus with a drum-heavy melody and epic rock n roll solo.

“The song is inspired by people who live in big cities and the problems that they face daily, like the stress, loneliness, social pressure, etc. The song has a positive message to encourage the citizens to fight for their dreams and to don’t be contaminated by the problems that exist in the big cities.”

Seven Red



“We worked with the photographer Sop Rodchenvko to create the art for our new single Citizen. His work is deeply focused in consciousness, memory, identity and togetherness. To create the artwork, he got inspired by real stories of 12 Londoners, and through a photo shoot he tried to capture common feelings to citizens like: Happiness, anger, sorrow, empowerment and more. With this project we are not only created a powerful and fresh sound and discover fascinating stories for people who live in big cities, but we worked in the images that could tell these stories.”

Seven Red

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