Carmen Dash releases Spanglish bop ‘UNA FLORA’ – Reignland

Carmen Dash has released a spicy new bop titled, ‘Una Flora.’ The Spanglish track is about the evolution of a women when it comes to falling in love and dating. “ It’s a poem that was written to express the evolution of a flower (a woman) who feels valued but limited by her beauty within the construct of love and dating.”

She continued, “There are three phases within a single flower’s existence: in a vase, in the courtyard (potted/planted), and wild in the meadows. Throughout “Una Flora”, we get to feel the experience through the lens of the flower (woman), and make a conclusion on which stage she is the happiest. There are pros and cons of each stage, but the woman must forsake the safety of the vase for the freedom of the meadows because after all, she knows she is not the only flower that a man adores anyway.”

Such a beautiful way to describe love. I honestly love the pop melody mixed with splashes of R&B. Her voice carries so well throughout the blend that it seems also most effortless. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.