You better ‘Beware’ of Mia Mormino in new empowering single. – Reignland

Up & coming pop sensation, Mia Mormino has released a new single, “Beware” The R&B infused pop single has a powerful start with dynamic vocals that lead into a electrifying chorus. Her vocal tone has attitude and range at the same time bringing the emotions out of the lyrics that it is felt by the listener. The electronic elements in the melody add a smidgen of EDM to it, great for an electrifying visual. The ending is my absolute favorite as she repeats, “you can never take control of me” with deformed background vocals. The beat begins to break down and eventually it’s just her and some finger snaps. Perfect way to end.

Speaking on the track, she explains, “This track is an edgy way of reclaiming your power after being taken advantage of and/or not taken seriously for who you are. We’ve all been there and not only is it degrading, but it can be extremely harmful to our overall self esteem. But on the flip side, it’s quite unfortunate for the person/people on the opposing end. They have no idea the amount of strength we have and just how intelligent we are when it comes to using it. To those who wronged us, regret is coming” She is also a dancer, model, songwriter, & certified MUA from Los Angeles, California. She was also in issue 41 of Reignland Magazine out now. Be sure to listen to her new single above and pick a reaction below.

Get the track: http://smarturl.it/StreamBeware

Connect: https://www.miamormino.com/