Mia Mormino is ‘Stuck’ in her head in new single – Reignland

Mia Mormino is currently ‘Stuck’ in her head in this new electric single. The track gives off excellent Billie Ellish vibes. The track is apparently about Mia’s take on a mental breakdown, a relatable topic many people face.

She said this about the track in a press release, “I feel as though going through such an event is normal even though more often than not society makes it seem to be unhealthy and/or strange. In my opinion, when you feel yourself “losing it” I find it best to not fight the process and just let it happen. For me, I prefer to isolate myself from others and temporarily let my dark thoughts take over because I know after some time they will pass. If I try to deny the fact that I’m stuck in my own brain, things will only become worse and far more difficult to handle.” She continued “The overall message of this song is to remember that it is okay to not be okay, and having low points in life is what makes us human.“ It’s a dark and moody track with an enlightened meaning. Different and I love it. Her tone fits the song perfectly and draws you into the world she’s stuck in.

Get the track; http://smarturl.it/StreamStuck