YONAS releases new fire, “OMG’ – Reignland

Yonas has officially released a new single titled, ‘OMG.’ This track showcases his confidence in his own work and his ability. The bass hit just right and his flow is so smooth, it almost seems effortless. In the third verse, he hits you with some vocals and you are suddenly hooked to his flavor.

“When you hear the music and see the visuals moving forward, it’s Oh my god, how did I sleep on him? When you see the moves we make going forward it’ll be, Oh my god they pulled it off. Everything from now on is ‘wow factor’, designed to get that reaction that is undeniable at this point” says YONAS.

Add this banger to your playlist right now.

Get the track: https://sym.ffm.to/yonas_omg