Taj. Khalif has released a new single, titled ‘SOUL’ – Reignland

Taj. Khalif is speaking his truth on his new single, ‘SOUL’. The soulful hip hop track is so smooth with the beautiful bass guitar that glides along the background vocals following it. His flow feels like a powerful speech being told as he speaks on his life and how he’s going to continue with his head held high. The chorus is extremely catchy and his vocals are so chill.

This single comes off of his debut EP, “N:OW”. “The vibrant yet serene instrumentation along with some emotive lyrics help capture the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced as I continue to pursue my purpose while keeping the relationship I have with my family intact. Although this song focuses on my perspective for the most part, I do my best to express certain thoughts and emotions that other people can relate to as well.” He spoke about the vibrant track. It really makes you feel good to listen too this and I can wait to hear more

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/Taj.Khalif/