Wes Chiller releases a sunny new tune titled, ‘Drift Away’ – Reignland

27-year-old multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, Wes Chiller has released a new single titled, ‘Drift Away’. The track really reminds me of a sunny day driving down a long road. I love the tone of his voice, it’s so warm and very vintage.

“This song has a twofold meaning. On one side it’s the transitioning of mind space from a place of work to a place of peace and serenity. On the darker side it deals with the finality of life. As a first responder, I deal with death quite a bit and sometimes our efforts don’t make the difference we are looking for in an emergency. This is my indirect answer to their families from the post-humorous perspective and a direct answer for my peace of mind.”, he explains.

Aside from music, he earned an Ethnomusicology degree from UCLA. He also served a highly valuable internship at the famed Sunset Sound Recording Studios.

Connect: https://weschiller.com/