Helena Mayer won’t be the fool in someone elses plan in new single, ‘Headspace’ – Reignland

Helena Mayer wants her headspace to stop being messed with on her new single ‘Headspace’. This record tackles events in life that make even thinking hurt because of how much your head is filled with stress and pain. According to her press release, the song specifically deals with moments where extreme anxiety and grief have left her unable to process what she needed to. She says, ‘This song was written as a defiant response to that very feeling. Those feelings of fogginess are incredibly valid, but there are ways of combatting it and not letting those moments overtake you. This song is about taking the reins toward what she knows will be a healthier mind and a healthier life.

The record is an EDM gem. The production is so crisp and her vocals are so angelic. The whole vibe of the song makes you feel like you are on a dance floor just dancing your feelings away. This visual would probably be insane. The subject matter is such a relatable one and you can definitely feel the pain she speaks off in the lyrics.

Helena Mayer is a singer and songwriter born in Thousand Oaks, California. From an early age, Helena has had a passion for music, and now at 21, she has begun releasing energetic pop & R&B influenced music. While she planned to begin releasing in early 2019, she released her single in November of 2018 in response to the Borderline shooting and fires that overtook her hometown earlier that month. Since then, she has been convicted to write music that makes the world better.

I defiantly commend her speaking about her anxiety with her fans. It will definitely help a lot of them cope with it if they have it. A feel-good song for anxiety? Who doesn’t need it .

Get the track: soundcloud.com, music.apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com