UAP AB releases a brand new track called “Mission Statement” – Reignland

UAP AB releases new track called “Mission Statement” ‘I like to rap about my real life and sing what I feel like. My name UAP (Urban And Proud) AB embodies everything I stand for. I understand life is full of ugly truths, nightmares, and addictions, but rather than run from it I would rather embrace it. Whether I sing my experiences or rap my truths the underlying message I like to put across is that ‘It’s okay not to be okay’. From me talking about the pain and loneliness, but yet the triumphs and victories I have faced in life. I hope you can relate to this in my music.”

Heavy bass booming and skilled rapping is always a perfect combination and this track is filled with greatness. The lyrics are the best I’ve heard in a while. Great job. Be sure to listen to this awesome track above and please leave your feedback below, add this to your playlist.