Lucia & the Best Boys release a hot new track called “City Of Angels” – Reignland

“City of Angels is for anyone who has ever felt unaccepted in society, and trapped in a mindset of anxiety.” Explains frontwoman Lucia Fairfull. “People are constantly judging themselves, others, and comparing the two, which is now intensified by social media. The point is that we do not live in a world full of perfect people (A city of Angels), everyone is entitled to originality, flaws, and no one should feel the need to suppress their personality for the sake of someone else, who probably has also felt the same way.” 

Absolutely awesome song! Energetic, loud and fun! Loved the drums and guitar along with the best vocals ever! A force to be reckoned with. Be sure to take the opportunity to hear this really good song above and please leave your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist.