Tristan Price releases new trap r&b single, ‘Ride or Die’ – Reignland

Artist & songwriter, Tristan Price has released a new single, ‘Ride or Die’. The track has a dope trap melody infused with classic R&B that we all love. His vocals are superior and really add that emotion to the track. It’s like a classic with a modern twist. According to his press release, the song is inspired by the protests and riots that started in Tristan Price’s home state of Minnesota and spread out across the country after the killing of a black man.

It describes his struggle of being a black youth and wanting to be standing with his community while also being concerned about his safety and how his significant other may feel about it as well. In this track he is singing to her, telling her how he feels and what he feels he has to do. It’s kind of like a Trap-R&B track with a sad but hopeful vibe and I love it. Be sure to add your own personal feedback below.

Get the track: deezer.com, apple.com, spotify.com

Connect: https://www.iamtristanprice.com/