Jack Rabbit released a beautiful song called “(240)” – Reignland

Jack Rabbit released a cool harmony blended track called “(240)” With roots in Texas and Mexico, this LA-based duo met in a rehearsal room in Boston. Their tunes started out as late-night, wine-fueled staircase storytelling sessions. Now, years and cities later, the two have converged in Los Angeles and the staircase songs have become a full-fledged project alongside pal and producer, Elijah Wells. Their tunes mostly live in the indie/folk genre-sphere, however they love to experiment with sound and dip into various other genres in creating their songs. Jack Rabbit’s sound is the memory of holding a hand – and for the span of a song, getting to hold it again. I enjoyed this song so much! It’s upbeat and silky smooth at the same time. Great project. Please leave your feedback below.