Thin Lear shines on new single, ‘Maniacs’ – Reignland

Thin Lear has released a new single titled, ‘Manics.’ This pop/rock record is light and beautiful. It consists of glorious melodies and dreamy vocals that create a breath of fresh air type of atmosphere for the listener. The track is produced so well with a crisp sound. It is the lead single from his upcoming LP releasing April 24th.

Speaking in the track he says, “Disillusioned people getting lost in self-destructive or just generally dangerous thinking is a major theme of this album. The narrator in “Maniacs” is pitching a cult-like community to an alienated, uncherished internet dweller. And you just know it’s going to be a rapid descent for this person, that they’ll soon be indoctrinated. That relentlessly chugging beat and the quick, dynamic changes in the song reflect a desperation and rapidly changing attitude. I wanted the song to feel like one breathless, spiraling fall, from the very start, with that mellotron-laden opening. And I knew I needed a wild, unhinged sax solo at the end. It was really the only choice for the conclusion of the track.”

The Queens-based Thin Lear is the project of songwriter/producer Matt Longo. The project is primarily a one-man band, but with a collective of empathetic and incredibly patient musicians.

Be sure to get the track before the LP comes out so you will be up on his music.

Get the track: deezer.comyoutube.commusic.apple.com