Sizzy Rocket has released a hot new track called “THAT B***H” – Reignland

Sizzy Rocket has released a new track called “That B***H” Okay, this is one confident female! An upbeat and hardcore track that will make you feel empowered! The music is excellent and the vocals are cool and strong! The video is awesome to watch, great job on this fabulous project!

She says this about the track, “’THAT BITCH’ is about owning yourself – even the crazy, messy, wild, emotional parts that might be ‘too much’ for people, even when you feel insane and down and alone. It’s about being unapologetic in the process of figuring out who you are and pummeling through anyone and anything that gets in your way,” Sizzy writes. “I hope it becomes the song you put on when you want to feel confident and sexy and dance in your mirror and let it all out and scream at the fucking world – because you’re THAT BITCH and you can be whoever the fuck you want to be!”

Be sure to listen and enjoy this track above and leave your thoughts below. Add this hot track to your playlist!!