Subterranean Street Society has released a true and real track called “So Sorry” – Reignland

Subterranean Street Society has released a real and deep track called “So Sorry” The artist quotes…”At first it was a way of dealing with all the anger and frustrations of being powerless towards my dad and his egocentric decisions. But later it became a meditation on how it is to be a relative to the disease that is alcoholism. In my humble opinion I find that the biggest problem with addiction appears when it is being silenced.” The music video is shot in the barracks of Schinkelbuurt in Amsterdam. The full album “Twelve Steps” will be released 1st May 2020 with a release concert at Melkweg in Amsterdam.

So sorry is a mantra that changes over time. From genuine to bitter. From sad to sour. 

How many times can one say sorry for the same wrong doing? 

Where does the receiver place the guild? 

On the person or the decease?

I know all too well about this subject with both parents being alcoholics! This really touched me, I know all about the empty promises on a daily basis and the lies! The music in this track is wonderful and the lyrics are heavy and real but need to be shared with everyone. I loved the track Great job on this project. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave feedback below. Add this to your playlist.