Stereodove releases new single, ‘Madonna’ about the negative effects of social media. – Reignland

Four-piece rock band, based in the UK, Stereodove has released a new alt-pop/rock track titled ‘Madonna.’ The track is high powered and full of intense melodies that will get you hooked on the first note. It also has a disco feel to it in the beginning as well with the vivid synth arrangements. The lead vocalist lightweight vocals fit the song so well especially as it builds to the catchy chorus and they become powerful. The beats are danceable and honestly work you out from start to finish.

The accompanying music video largely comments on the negative effects of social media in modern-day America. Here, we see a dancer performing an extensive dance routine on a futuristic social media network. Though she is initially well received by her audience, she makes a misstep, for which she is abhorred. The video ends with a shot of a new viewer, watching the dancer. But tables turn as it is now their “turn” to perform.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, music.apple.com, deezer.com, spotify.com