Robert Vendetta releases an awesome visual for, ‘Local Threat’ – Reignland

Robert Vendetta is bringing back feel-good rock and roll and I am so excited about it. His new track, ‘Local Threat’ is an amazing rock and roll track with old school flavors all throughout it. It honestly reminds me of Elton Johns’s work with the piano melodies and vocals. I love the danceable instrumental and the vocal range he showcases throughout the single. It’s an instant timeless experience and the video doesn’t fall short at all with awesome shots and vintage filters and clothing.

“Imagine an old, black, tough steam locomotive paving its way toward you slowly but surely. A train nobody can stop! It’s all about the war between me and myself. The inner demons questioning one’s values, ideas and skills. The legitimacy of one’s hopes and dreams.”, he spoke on the track.

A must-have classic for your playlist.

Get the track here: https://song.link/us/i/1489141313