Slim da Reazon shares new single, ‘Day x Day ft. Darynn Dean, Joel Van Dijk and Shammy Dee’ – Reignland

Los Angeles based creative, Slim da Reazon collabs with Darynn Dean, Joel Van Dijk, and Shammy Dee for a dope new track titled, ‘Day by Day’. The chill hip hop track has such a classic drum melody with the ’90s elements tucked in to create this chill journey for the listener. His low tone rap flow is perfect and his metaphors are so dope.

Speaking on the track, “As an empathetic musician, I’ve been processing the drastic changes of 2020 by alchemizing them into Art. In the process, I settled into a realization that, despite it all, time continues. Humanity and Existence are merely God in motion.  Through the muck, mire and miasma, we are still blessed with day after day; and, for our mental health, we should take all things accordingly. The spirit and concept of my new Jus Beyond-produced track, ‘Day x Day’, is born out of this revelation.” I definitely feel him on that and I can’t wait to see more from this collaboration.

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/slimdareazon/