Parts releases new single, ‘Shining Star’ – Reignland

“Shining Star” is the third single by Parts, and the first written and sung by the band’s bass player, Ben Kohavi. The upbeat fast pace track tales you on an emotional journey that makes you want to stay awhile. I love the way they blended alt-rock with a few drips f funk. It blends so well and I can’t get enough.

The band contains Bar Huss (Guitars and Vocals), Ben Kohavi (Bass and Vocals) and Yuval Adam (Drums and Sampler). The band is based in Tel Aviv and is soon to release its debut album, produced by Ran Shem Tov of “Izabo”.

Parts on the new track, “The song is an intense train of thought taking the listener through Kohavi’s struggles with depression and drug addiction. These extreme ups and downs are appropriately conveyed by Ran Shem-Tov’s production, where punk rock and disco meet over a stiff drink, and by Ilan Bar’s music video – a mix of thrill and irony in which a woman is struggling with emotional turmoil (bordering on manic depression) in her own house. “

Get the track: spotify.com