Bajillionaire releases raw new single, ‘I Feel So Alone In This Club RN’ about aniexty. – Reignland

Sydney producer Bajillionaire has released his first single of 2020 , I Feel So Alone In This Club RN. The smooth track fuses R&B and jazz to create an addictive groove. The catchy chorus and relatable verses create a feel-good sing-along and starts an important conversation while create an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable enough to do so. Bajillionaire lays bare his own social anxiety in a frank, truthful and sometimes very funny way.

“This song is just me being very honest about my anxieties,” explains Bajillionaire, aka 21-year-old Charlie Hold. “I don’t really like clubs, I don’t really like the idea of clubbing, and going out just makes me wish I had a vice of some sort. I hope you like it. It really is just me on a page (or in a song). Honest, dumb and slightly inappropriate.”

He continues “Sonically, I wrote this song initially assuming it would just never come out, but as time passed and I realised: “I want to sing and perform and keep making songs like this”, it became almost this little joke that I was only going to make this kind of music going forward, that slowly became more and more serious, until it informed the sound of everything else coming.

With over 1.8 million streams across his catalog, he did not come to play this year.

A multi-talented producer, songwriter, and vocalist, Bajillionaire has also been a saxophone player since childhood. I added it to my playlist as soon as I heard it. You should too.

Get the track here: Spotify