Optimystical releases lush new single, ‘All Types of Love’ – Reignland

Phoenix-based indie/ Hip-hop band, Optimystical releases new fire single titled, ‘All Type Of Love’. It starts off with lush piano melodies and a fire rap verse. It continues to build and you hear the rapper’s tone get a little more intense but still somehow manages to stay mellow. It creates a new kind of hip hop rock that sounds perfect together. I normally don’t say this but they murdered this blend of genres. The track was Written by Guitarist Thom Clifton, produced by The Party Upstairs with Nutter Tut on vocals. It was written in 2017 and re-worked for the full 5 piece band.

According to the press release, the song encapsulates a deviation in sound from the band’s first EP ‘Smile and Wave’. “This track, and all of the upcoming EP ‘Void Of’, are songs that were written primarily on piano/ synths and produced with a more atmospheric vibe while still keeping the big builds and rock influences of the last EP. The songs include a long first verse of frontman Keynan Willis rapping while building slowly but surely to the climax adding in pianist Cara Nassars vocals for a big, shimmering chorus. The sound is not the hip hop people are used to hearing, a rapper over a simple repetitive beat, but instead blends those hip hop influences with strong and ethereal songwriting to create something truly unique/”, they explained.

Connect: https://www.optimysticalmusic.com/