Meyru releases new smooth single, ‘At Some Point’ – Reignland

The indie-rock five-piece has released their new single “At Some Point,” The indie-rock track features a soothing instrumental with melodies that feel like a nice breeze. The vocals are fantastic and really adds emotion to the lyrics. The disco ball cover art definitely had me hooked at first glance because it does have that lush disco vibe in some aspects of the track.

Meyru closed out 2019 with the release of their debut album Good To See You, which featured hit single “She” (which landed itself on Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist) “Something I Like” and “Running Day Dreams.”  On the single Meyru explain it’s “kinda the start of a different direction for Meyru. It’s simpler. I mean I didn’t think we could get any simpler, but it is. It’s a short, sweet and poppy love song telling someone who may or may not love you back to get their shit together and just tell you what they want.” 

The band spent a month in the mountains of North Carolina where they recorded their debut album in the basement of an abandoned church with the help of Brooklyn based producer, Tyler Brown, and mastering engineer, Dan Millice (A$AP Rocky, Al Green, 50 Cent). 

Connect: https://www.meyrumusic.com/