Noah Deist releases new single ” I Say” – Reignland

“I Say’ is the 5th single from singer, Noah. The track features marching band snare drums and a beautiful acoustic guitars and vocals.

Get the track: https://song.link/s/6FDwLWhgBbdQaeBebkLsLY

“I Say” comes from a time last year where I was completely surrounded by negativity and doubt. I was unsure about everything I did and was caught up in what people were saying about me. What people were saying I could and couldn’t do. There came a point where I was done. Defeated. Thankfully I have an awesome family and group of friends to rally behind. But that’s where this song came from. That place of serious self doubt. “, he said about the new track

Noah Deist is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Noah’s sound is derived from a diverse combination of influences and backgrounds, resulting in a style of music that appeals to audiences across the board. His ability to transform life experiences into lyrical melodies in a way that compels audiences to listen and relate sets him apart from other artist.

Connect: https://www.noahdeist.com/