Nicki Shakes releases new country single, ‘Band of Gypsies’ – Reignland

Essex native artist, Nicki Shakes has released a new upbeat single titled, Band Of Gypsies. The track mixes pop and country together to create something special. Her vocals really shine on this track. She explained, ‘In all honesty, I got the idea for the title of the song first from a clothing label. I bought a top a couple of years ago and the tag said ‘Band of Gypsies’. I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to put that in a song’ and I did. I had a few different versions to start with but once I got the initial chord structure and tune down I was able to write the rest of the song. ”

She continued, ‘The song is about my close family and my chosen family and how as long as I have them I don’t really need anything else. I’m not really a materialistic person. Money and objects don’t mean a great deal to me. I work two jobs so I can eat, pay my bills and afford studio fees but I’m happy.”

Nicki attended Rhodes Theatre School where she got her first taste of the spotlight.  Not content with just performing, Nicki also turned her hand to music and writing at the age of fourteen, arming herself with the guitar to aid her learning and creativity. I really love this track, please add it to your playlist right now!