Lonny Ziblat shares new retro single titled, ‘Outta Sight’ after vinyl release – Reignland

Singer and former band mate of Modest Midget, Lonny Ziblat shares his new tuned titled, ‘Outta Sight’. The track has a sick guitat pluck intro that gives it a jazz take. It’s also infused with a simple drum beat that create this classic rock sound we all know and love. The melody has that 60’s rock sound, almost reminds me of the Beatles. The fading vocals in the course are lush and creates this fresh sound.

“I wrote this song for Dutch singer Wouter Hamel. It portrays the heartache that takes place after a break up, and the strange emotional mix between the need to stay away and the yearn to get back together. There’s definitely a wink at the 60’s here. And a total vintage feel using a double bass rather than an electric bass.”, he explains.

According to his bio, after the breakup of his acclaimed Progressive Rock band Modest Midget, Lonny Ziblat started working on new songs without any particular project in mind, the first of which being ‘A Little Secret’, a song dedicated to his late father shortly after his passing.

In the following years Ziblat focused on composing music for film & TV, and on orchestrating and arranging music for many instances, among others, the famous Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (which is regarded by many as one of the top five orchestra’s in the world). Lonny also wrote three songs for Dutch singer Wouter Hamel. Wouter – an established artist with a strong following in the Netherlands, Japan & South Korea decided not to record these titles and Lonny ended up recording these himself, alongside several other songs that were slowly emerging around this period.

These unexpected creative bursts slowly shaped up to become his third solo album entitled Dream Hunting. The album was produced so that it can be offered both on vinyl as on CD. It is an artistic two sided coin that combines Lonny’s love for pure, straightforward acoustic music and his other passion: Elaborated & produced Rock / Pop music. They still both incorporate a typical touch of musical sophistication. The beautiful artwork was designed by Janine Stoll, singer and member of the Canadian band ‘The Donefors’ – long time friends of Lonny’s. Be sure to listen above and dd your feedback below.


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