Erika Costell releases ’Karma’ visual + track – Reignland

YouTuber Erika Costell has just released the visual and track for ’Karma’ on her YouTube Channel. The upbeat pop track came along with a documentary that spoke on her issues with her ex best friend’s as well as BTS of the track.

The track speaks on Karma of course and just allowing it to run its course as said in the chorus; ”I don’t have to be a bitch /
I know karmas gonna deal with / You can say what you want to say (yeah) / You can say what you want about me / I know karmas gonna deal with. ”

The video is dope of course as it displays Costell in many different dope wardrobe changes. The costellers weren’t the only one’s hyped about the project, YouTuber Shane Dawson also tweeted his excitement ”DID SHE SNAP OR DID SHE POP? IM 30”.

Well, I can’t wait to see where these new tracks take Erika when she releases a full project.

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Erika Costell