Limón Limón has released an upbeat spicy track called “July in Sydney” – Reignland

Limo’n Limo’n has released an upbeat bouncy track called “July in Sydney” ‘July in Sydney’ captures a surreal moment in time, when reality is tinted with a magical hue. Where real life and vivid dreams become one state of mind. Inspired by a book with a mysterious inscription found in a Sydney bookstore, the song retells a collection of profound personal experiences.  The instrumentation draws world influences with recorded djembe and congas along with steel drums that create a dream-like soundscape, pairing perfectly with imagery of Australia’s biggest city.

This track was a dream for me to listen to, the entire Island sound was great to dive into as I listened to the steel drums and congas, the vocals and lyrics took me away to that place of peace for a moment. Be sure to listen to the track and leave feedback below, add this track to your playlist.