Humberto Dozan releases new pop single, ‘En El Mismo Bar’ – Reignland

Humberto Dozan has some things to get off his chest with his new track, En El Mismo Bar.’ The smooth pop track talks of a past relationship that went wrong. His raw vocals really make you as the listener understands his emotions of hurt. The beautiful instrumental adds a nice touch as well. ‘He says this about the new track, “I wrote this song when I learned from a friend that my ex-girlfriend cheated on me with another person, so at that stage of my life the only thing I was looking for was to isolate myself with friends in bars, discos and others looking to find another person that could help me forget my ex-girlfriend, so when I started dating this person my ex-girlfriend asked me for forgiveness, but due to resentment I told him that I was better with someone else.” He continued, “In the musical question it is a song where synthesizers, voices, and percussions predominate trying to make a mixture between the feeling of uncertainty, sadness and at the same time a little party.

Humberto started early at the young age of 9 ventured into music by taking piano lessons and later taking singing lessons. Also during his youth, he was part of various musical ensembles, and later he was part of the group called “Veleno” participating not only as a singer but as a composer and producer of that musical group.

Today he has released his first solo called “In The Same Bar” song in which he was involved as a composer.