LAGIOIA releases a soulful tune titled, ‘True Love’ that will leave you in awe. – Reignland

Indie Soul/R&B artist, LAGIOIA is speaking to my soul with her latest soulful release, “True Love.’ This beautiful track speaks to the lovers’ souls like never before. From LAGIOIA’s rich vocals to the dreamy melody that falls behind, she doesn’t fail to create a beautiful track at any point of this. The lushness of the song is what gets me, it’s such a smooth melody. The production is outstanding and she has so much soul and power in what she speaks.

She spoke on the track “When I wrote this song, I was kind of sadly inspired by the love stories of my friends. Nowadays it’s so hard to find true love because no one wants to commit anymore because they’re maybe scared, it is all about meeting and leaving somebody very fast. The song is a story about a beautiful and true story about a young couple. While the narrator is telling this lovely story, it realizes that nowadays, it can be a myth or fantasy, because the problem nowadays (in my opinion) it’s very difficult to find that true love” 

Her debut single «Black Magic» came out in 2019, where she talks about fear and how you feel if you’re not under control of your life. LAGIOIA released her second single «True Love» on February 3rd, 2020, which will be a part of her upcoming EP. «True Love» is about the struggle finding true love nowadays, included by telling a true and beautiful love story. Get on the fan train, cause she is an automatic favorite and it’s going to be yours.

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