Fufu Banana releases new single, ‘Fields Of Nowhere’ – Reignland

Fufu Banana releases new single and visual, ‘Fields Of Nowhere’. This is the second single from their debut EP. According to their press release, the song paints an unrequited love story with a journey through different landscapes that image the “big city”. The verses and the chorus talk about rejection and giving up, and with the c-part comes a realization that the “classic love story” isn’t worth the trouble.

The single was released on February 19th with a full music video, featuring Timmy, the lead singer as the main actor, wearing a sunflower custom, chasing his dream girl (who also has the same custon) during the downward spiral which is his everyday life. The track is a rock classic with addictive guitar melodies and effortlessly sung vocals. It has such a chill vibe to it and a little excitement when you get to the chorus. I love the solo towards the middle of the song. It has so much rock and a little jazz in there as well. A mixture of powerhouse melodies and vocals ends the song well.

Fufu Banana is a pop/rock band from Tel-Aviv, Israel, composed of seven players. Fufu Banana was formed in the spring of 2018 by Ori Kastiel who composed the music and joined forces with lead singer Timmy Tene and producer Gal Oved. The band finished recording their first self-titled EP that will launch on March 2020.

Connect: https://fufubanana.com/