Javelina released a new track called “Bring On the End” – Reignland

Javelina has released a brand new rocking track called “Bring on the End” If you like to rock loud, this is the track for you! The hard drums are fantastic! The guitar is hard at work keeping up with the fantastic lyrics and the awesome vocals as the artist belts out amazing lyrics! According to the press release, Jason, singer-songwriter for the band, fed up with the glossy insta-scene of LA, drove off and holed up in the desert among the coyotes, Joshua trees, cactus, and otherwise barren space and did some writing. “The lyrics draw from the desert’s geographical isolation as much as they do the front man’s self-alienation and rebellion toward society at large. They also pull toward some dark side of self, a side that many don’t explore.”, he said.

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