KG Lillian has released a great upbeat track called “19” – Reignland

KG Lillian has released an upbeat vibe called “19” KG Lillian’s honeyed sound was curated from her roots in Missouri and the streets of Austin, TX, This song has a very nice tone to it. I like the heavy drums and keyboard as it builds up in the song. The vocals are fabulous! She had this to ay about the track, “19 follows a young summer fling that caused afternoons of daydreaming and late nights of over-analysis, eventually lending a hand to the discovery of my self worth. With breezy electric guitar and honest lyrics representing the freshly gained confidence I began to find at 19 years old, this track is an ode to my coming of age story. ” Be sure to listen to this great track above and lend us your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com