.imp releases moody track “Goodbye” – Reignland

.imp released a new moody track today entitled “Goodbye”. The alt-rock masterpiece was written for those who feel a little down due to financial issues around the holidays. Definitely a new concept for a song that is so relatable that it’s crazy.

You can call it an anti-Christmas song. According to .imp, it was written from experience – unexpectedly losing a job just before Christmas. “[It’s also about] the hollow goodbye’s from people I’d never had any intention of seeing again, the career-obsessed individuals who have nothing outside of the workplace, which in turn translates to pretty unpleasant behavioral traits about self-betterment at the expense of others. ” he says.

About The Artist:

” .imp started because i couldn’t get off my guitar, my bass or my iPad. writing stuff just for fun and for myself. all change when i meet ash Milton who produces something i wrote and makes it sound so good. so a recording project is born, pulling in people to play parts, sing and have a laugh along the way. first fruit is Headscambled – spiky tunes with melodies that hook, bass, and organs make you tap. we’re putting it together as a band, so before too long we’ll be live, too.”