HOAX explores what it means to be “unconditional” in Love – Reignland

New York-based pop band HOAX released “unconditional”, an indie pop / alternative R&B single off their upcoming narrative-driven debut album, b? The track has an 80’s pop feel to it that leaves the listener wanting more. Let’s not forget the guitar solo that is to die for. According to the band “unconditional” represents the presentness we must be willing to put into other’s lives without reciprocation for a deeper understanding.

“I think it’s natural for us as humans to seek out and want to be with people who are just like us: reaffirmations of the same beliefs. We all come with a set of User Terms & Conditions and we allow people into our lives based on if they will or will not violate our terms. But then there is love. Which is not subject to the laws of our personal Terms & Conditions. So naturally, when you give yourself to someone completely a transition must take place. The hope is that when someone is done listening they can evaluate all the things they are and aren’t willing to give up and accept. That’s just the start. Unconditionality is a lifelong work. And admittance is the first step.” The band stated about the song.

HOAX is an indie pop-rock band from Queens, New York. It is the musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, who create the sonics and concepts behind their self-described style of “empathy pop” music. Their modern vintage musical sound draws from a wide range of influences like 60’s pop, 70’s Motown, and alternative R&B. They like to see themselves as “the beautiful sound of sadness”, a description coined by a close friend. Their music thematically focuses on the human condition, explorations of social constructs, and the decisions people make based from them, all tucked underneath pop melodies.

Listen here: https://song.link/s/7wznTvfVVwLsnSydwTvzoj