HAUNTER releases anti-love song, ‘Love You Better’ – Reignland

Electrifying rock band, Haunter has released a new anti-love song titled, ‘Love You Better. The retro synth melodies go perfectly with the powerful guitar that you hear throughout the song. The lead singer’s vocals and lyrics go together so perfectly almost as if it was made just for this song. You feel every emotion she sings. You will defiantly have this on repeat. It reminds me of a Paramore single that I don’t want to end. The band consists of Lucy Lenoir – Vocals, Mark Schroeder – Bass, Mike Ray – Guitar/Synth, and Enoma Asowata on Guitar/Synth.

According to their press release, the song is a semi-autobiographical cautionary tale based on the experiences of Lucy and Enoma in their respective pursuits of love. It speaks to the often untold damage of hook-up culture through the eyes of hopeless romantics. The band has just completed work on a series of songs with Grammy Nominated Rock/Metal Producer Tyler Smyth (I Prevail, Falling In Reverse, Blessthefall) in Los Angeles, California.

Connect: http://facebook.com/haunterisntreal