Joseph send ‘Shivers’ down your spine with a lush live performance of the new single. – Reignland

Joseph, the trio of sisters Natalie, Allison and Meegan Closner have returned with a new single and stunning performance on VEVO. ‘Shivers’ is the newest single from their third album Good Luck, Kid released last year via ATO Records. The blend of pop and indie-folk create a beautiful foundation for the sisters to lay down their dreamy harmonies on. The live performance is as amazing as the record. So crisp and effortless.

A transformation occurred when the Closners were in the process of recording their first album, Native Dreamer Kin. At the time, they were calling themselves Dearborn, but their producer felt that the name didn’t fit the strength of the music. They went to visit their grandfather Jo, in the eastern Oregon town of Joseph. Allison made a playlist for the trip and called it “Joseph,” which is what influenced the band’s name.

“Once she said it, it just hit us all—that’s what this is and who we are, these are the sounds of the land that we’ve lived on,” says Natalie. “It’s this crazy firecracker thing that happens—‘Am I feeling something? Is anyone? What is this song, what does it do, which parts make the most sense?’ It really is about the connection with people, and we’re so grateful we’ve gotten the chance to do that. This has been a totally wild journey, and we’re constantly blown away with the possibility of what could be.”

Stream and download the track now, it’s a must have.

Get the track: https://song.link/us/i/1471027679

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