Grayhunter releases first single ‘Stranger’ from their EP – Reignland

New York pop-punk/emo quintet GRAYHUNTER has released the first single ‘Stranger’ from their debut EP “Comeback Kid”.

Grayhunter is a rock band from NYC. Reisha went to elementary school with drummer Rich, and college with Allen their bassist. The band later met the two Daves (guitars) through Craigslist. Each song has its own genre wherein the lyrics call the shots. No matter what your mood, Grayhunter will undoubtedly make you jump and dance while you question how you make life decisions.

Released in November 2018, Grayhunter’s EP “Comeback Kid” is about four different types of rock bottom and finding the strength to rise above them against all odds.

Get the track here: https://song.link/s/7ED6Ug0BkkOLEx85NxDgUR

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