Christian Gibson & Ben Davila team up to release a remix of the pop masterpiece ‘Stars’ – Reignland

Los Angeles-based musician, producer and educator. Christian Gibson has put his touch onto an already beautiful track entitled ‘Stars’. The original was by his friend Ben Davila and was featured on Davila’s 2013 project ‘ Ben Davila and the Spectacles’.

“I hit him up and asked if I could remix a song from the album called Stars. I remember starting the remix and then abandoning it after hitting a wall and not knowing where to take it . For one reason or another I returned to it some years later while digging through half finished projects on my hard drive. I had recently borrowed an omni chord from my friend Esthero and bought a cheap boss digital delay pedal from my friend Bizzart. The combo of the two bits of gear is so fun and playful and really helps bring some life and movement into the song.” Gibson said about the remix.

They met while living in the northwest of England while attending the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts ( Paul McCartney’s former high school.)  Gibson was studying Sound Technology and Ben was studying music. They became fast friends and around the spring of 2001 Gibson asked if he could produce some of Davila’s demos for class projects. Years later they both happened to become music educators after moving back to the states and the rest is history.

Gibson also released his EP “The Practice of Human Flight vol.2” on Elegant Regrets Records in October that contains this remix.

Get the original here: https://soundcloud.com/ben-davila/stars-1