Eli Moon shares addictive new smash ‘Phases’ – Reignland

South Londoner Eli Moon shares his new single ‘Phases’. The track was co-written and produced by MOJAM. This is the first single from Moon’s new EP ‘Angels Devils & Empty Vessels’. This contemporary masterpiece is addictive and will have you on the dancefloor anywhere you are. His ability to mix old school R&B and pop with modern mixes and his gorgeous vocals is insane. His style reminds me of Craig David honestly. The chorus is addictive and will get stuck in your head. This track almost creates this lush atmosphere for the listener that you don’t want to leave.

Moon quotes on the track: “ Phases is a song about change. Whilst a lot of people seek comfort in life…if I stop for too long and become too comfortable I very quickly start to lose my mind! I wrote this song at a time where I needed something new. Life felt like a never ending cycle of the same activities, same people and I just needed to escape. In the song I deal with the existential crisis that I often find myself in, where I begin to question everyone and everything around me. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Is there meaning to any of this?’ I suppose the biggest question is ‘what if it never changes?” And that’s how the song arose. My biggest fear is being stuck in a situation where I have no power to affect it. It’s not a quiet feeling, it’s not a creeper…I wake up one day and there it is; the gut wrenching need to scrap everything and start all over. I suppose life does happen in phases, which is why it’s important to understand that no situation lasts forever, and there is never a situation where you have no power to affect it, but I wanted to capture this emotion in a song, so that I have it forever and can always use it in times where I need to be reminded of this.”

I can’t wait to hear more from this artist.

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