D’Vo has released a smooth new gospel hip hop track, ‘I’ll Find My Way’ – Reignland

Christian rap artist, D’Vo has released a new uplifting single, ‘I’ll Find A Way’. It’s a smooth track with amazing vocals that remind you of the good ole days. I love inspiring lyrics and how he showcases his love for GOD. The production of this track is outstanding and has an oldies type vibe on first listen. “This song is about finding a way to push thru the hard times to get things accomplished. No matter what people have to say abt what you are doing. Keep pushing thru and do it in the name of Jesus. This is honestly how I felt making this record. I tried to keep everything as authentic as possible so you could see the growth as an artist.”, he explained.

Christian Hip Hop’s newest artist D’Vo, is from Houston Texas. His brother plays multiple instruments the bass, violin, saxophone, and piano. His mother is a singer and a published author. His dad is a musician who plays trumpet and multiple instruments as well and has had several studio albums under his belt. His dad performed opening acts for legendary artists like Smoky Robinson the Bar-kays, Cameo. Growing up with a recording studio in his home, D’Vo has always had musical passion; but now he is harnessing this passion to serve for God.

I’ve Got Next is the debut album from that n.e.r.d life by D’Vo. The acronym n.e.r.d. stands for Needing Eternal Redemption and Deliverance, a reoccurring theme within the project. The official release of the album was December 22, 2019. Get the full project now.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, music.apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/nerdlifebydvo