El Misti releases alt-country smash “Devil Won’t Dance. ‘ – Reignland

“Even the devil won’t dance with me’. El Misti says in their new single. I’ve never heard of alt-country but after listening to this, I love it. The harmonies are so crisp and soft. You hear country but you also hear a nice rock touch throughout the track. At around 4:25 you get an epic guitar solo that is such flames especially the fade at the end that leads into a smooth climax. I would love to see a visual for this. The lead vocalist vocal range is insane. I love how he goes soft and then gets aggressive and emotional towards the end of the track.

From Nashville to Santiago de Cuba, Memphis to Manchester, Liverpool to Laurel Canyon, and Belfast to Woodstock, the needles of musical diversity and political discourse glide elegantly over El Misti’s debut record. 

Get the track:

Apple Music music.apple.com/gb/album/devil-wont-dance/1495899869?i=1495899871
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