Dashlove is over his past in new powerful tune, ‘Save Me ‘ – Reignland

Dashlove is over his past relationship in his new hot track, ‘Save Me’. The pop track builds up to an electric EDM chorus that is so fun. He said this about the song, ‘This song means a lot to me, I wrote it a couple of months back on a dark Swedish evening and I just couldn’t stop, everything just felt right from the start.” He continued, “At first, I couldn’t find the perfect match on the vocals but then I started talking to Philip Strand and it was clear from the first demo that he sent me that he was the missing piece of the song.”

The song is very energetic but yet has a smooth feel to it that creates a free kind of listening experience. It really shows Dashlove’s authentic emotions as he pushes out each note using his powerful vocals. Get the track now.

Instagram; instagram.com/dshlve