THE VICES releases rocking new single ‘SLY SMILED BERLIN CHILD’ – Reignland

The VICES have released a new tune titled ‘SLY SMILED BERLIN CHILD’. This is the lead single from their second EP. According to their press release, the song is about how fragile the most wonderful things in life can be, and about turning that fragility into beauty. “Every now and then, you meet that special someone, someone who is completely different to the rest. She was a blooming, but clearly scared, girl. She was amazing, different and creative, but damaged by life.’ they said.

The drum-driven rock song is honestly inspiring and pretty rad. The track is upbeat but the message is really raw. The song makes you feel good but also makes you think and feel a little empowered. I like it and can’t wait to hear more form this band.

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