Daniel Heffington shares beautiful rendition of”Silent Night” – Reignland

Daniel Heffington has released a beautiful rendition of ‘Silent Night’, an indie pop/rock take on a classic with an amazing B section at 2:21.

Daniel speaks on the making of the track;

“Silent Night” is a product of my collaboration with film composer, Ryan Moore. 3 years ago, I was struck with an unshakeable urge to reimagine the classic Christmas carol Silent Night as an anthem of young, festive energy. I created a few demos, but the vibe was never fully captured until I had the chance to work with Ryan Moore at Distant Moon Studios. We locked ourselves in for several late nights and we knew we were on to something when unseasonably early snow literally began to fall outside the studio when we stepped out for a break.

Sonically, we wanted to paint with a pallet of sounds inspired by FUN and projects produced by Jack Antonoff. We wanted to capture the feelings of reckless joy, Christmas cheer and the nostalgia of old friends and beloved family.

He continues “I imagine this song being the soundtrack to a late-night out with friends in NYC or Washington, D.C. around Christmastime. Eat food, grab drinks, and run through the snow-covered streets feeling like kids again. Sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs and throw snowballs at each other until you fall down. As the last notes of the song fade out, you’ll be riding home in the back seat of an Uber as you fade off to dream of sugarplums and goodwill toward men. “

DANIEL HEFFINGTON is a folk/pop artist who pairs unforgettable melodies with driving rhythms. He’s known for the energy and passion of his live performances that feature soulful vocals and poignant lyrics. His musical debut is an EP titled “Only the Broken” and was recorded and produced by Chris Keup and Stewart Myers–the studio duo behind Jason Mraz, Parachute, O.A.R., and other iconic artists.

Connect: https://www.danielheffington.com/