Kayvahn x SILKIN releases smooth new track “Fall In” – Reignland

“Fall In” is the fourth collaboration between producer Kayvahn and singer/songwriter SILKIN. “Fall In” is a smooth introduction that leads into a bass-heavy chorus. This song describes the idea of falling in too deep with the idea of a relationship/a person, and not being able to find yourself anymore.  The artists have previously collaborated on the songs “Asleep”, “Don’t Know” and “Drown”
which to date have amassed over 100 000 Spotify streams.

Get the track: http://fanlink.to/kayvahnsilkinfallin

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, 23-year-old producer Kayvahn is an up & coming talent working with a variety of artists all over the globe. Growing up in the Bay area (USA), then moving around in Scandinavia between Denmark and Sweden, music was the one constant in his life where he found a way to express himself. At 16, he started to get serious with producing, starting off primarily in the dance/electronic realm. He later shifted away from the EDM scene and cultivated a more melancholic vibe that had greater personal meaning to him. Now, Kayvahn is one of the most exciting producers in Denmark and has a few collab projects in the works that could very well propel him to the big stage.

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